Wills & Probate Lasting power of attorney

we do our best to lift your burdens


It is the most sensible thing to carefully plan what your loved ones will inherit from you; whether it’s a piece of land or jewellery.

At Fard & Co, we make sure you drafting your will would be hassle free; we will talk through your options with you, support you to decide who should be the executor of your will and what your funeral wishes are.


Losing a family member is a sad and painful experience. We, at Fard & Co will do our best to lift your burdens during such difficult journey and manage division of the estate between beneficiaries. Our probate service covers:
  • post-death wills advice
  • how to obtain probate
  • estate administration
  • duties of executor to beneficiaries
  • disputes and financial claims
  • settlements

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a legal document issued by the government which appoint a person (an “attorney”) to look after the welfare, money or property of someone who can no longer do this for themselves due to incapacity.

The application for Power of Attorney has to be made when the person has mental capacity.

Our lawyers will help you obtain Power of Attorney; explain the attorney duties to them and even act as attorneys themselves.

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